Presentation on three levels

Mit diesen drei Tipps netzwerken Sie richtig.

The more emphasis there is on trusting relationships in a network, the more the code of a community forbids active selling, the more likely the strategy described here is the only way to do successful marketing. You do not need to promote your products/services. Your goal must simply be to be seen as a luminary for your field. It’s simply silliness to try to entice people with whom you have an honest relationship to make a purchase. It is classy to help people who have a certain need for something and ask for advice.

The key to good marketing on social networks is not to try to create need, but to be the first to be approached when need arises. You should not persuade someone to eat chocolate pudding. But if someone wants something sweet, you should be known as the expert on excellent dessert suggestions. Do not talk about yourself or what you are offering. Present yourself in the third stage. The „third tier“?

You always have three levels available to talk about yourself and what you do/offer. The first level is the easiest and is used by most people:

The three levels of presentation

1st level: Elevator pitches

2nd stage: Job anecdotes

3rd level: Words of wisdom

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