Presentation on three levels. Level 2: Job anecdotes


The next higher level of self-presentation is not to talk directly about your own company and job, but rather to tell amusing, interesting experiences from your professional life, which, quasi incidentally, reveal what you are dealing with. So you don’t describe yourself, your company and your job, but tell stories about your profession. People love stories and always remember the storyteller with their help. To stay with the above example: it is much more interesting to listen to a computer administrator tell about his greatest breakdown experiences or his fight against viruses than to endure his job description.

This second level of self-promotion is complicated and demanding, because you need to have a relatively large repertoire of stories that are as interesting as possible so that you don’t have to tell the same story over and over again. Especially in closed networks, this is quickly noticed and perceived as very negative. Moreover, it is a difficult task to place your job description within a story and to paint as positive a picture as possible of your company, your products, your services without appearing too staged. However, those who are able to tell interesting stories elegantly have enormous advantages in closed communities. People will seek his proximity, recommend him to others and tell the stories to other members of the group.

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