Open up


Those who are open are vulnerable. And out of ten people you open up to, at least six are not worth it. But you will not get to know the other four if you do not remain open. Risk being disappointed. Openness is strength. If you want others to trust you, you must first invest […]

Common values

Shared values hold human groups together. They also define the dividing lines to other groups that have different values. This awareness of the same values gives us a good, secure, familiar feeling. By living together with people who share our values, our world becomes a village. So to build a resilient network, you have to […]

Why children are networking pros

Network like a child

We have learned the art of networking over thousands of years. It is what we automatically do when we are allowed to. We are social beings and professionals in building and maintaining relationships. But our upbringing, education and culture distort our natural talent. A child approaches strangers without fear, opens up quickly, instinctively maintains relationships […]

3 Keyfinds zum Thema Networking

People taking notes at congress

Der Aufbau von Beziehungen ist keine persönliche Fähigkeit besonders talentierter Menschen. Netzwerk-Aufbau ist eine Art Handwerk, das man lernen kann. Menschen, die ein persönliches Ziel klar vor Augen haben und systematisch und gezielt Kontakte knüpfen, können enorme Ergebnisse mit wenig Krafteinsatz erzielen. Die Zeiten ändern sich. Wir befinden uns in einer „leisen Revolution“. Was früher […]