Common values

Shared values hold human groups together.

They also define the dividing lines to other groups that have different values.

This awareness of the same values gives us a good, secure, familiar feeling. By living together with people who share our values, our world becomes a village.

So to build a resilient network, you have to build a kind of personal neighbourhood, a virtual village where you are the mayor and where a manageable number of people who know each other and share similar values are connected.

Your network village does not need mass, but class. You do not need to know many people a little, but few people a lot. It is about depth, not width.

You achieve this through an invisible bond of values that are lived and felt together.

Talk about values. Often and openly.

If you meet someone you would like to have in your personal network, look for common values in conversation. You will find them.

The only challenge for you is that the others get to know you more intensively in this way. You can then no longer hide behind your rehearsed role.

You will have to dare, for better or worse, to open up.

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