Open up


Those who are open are vulnerable.

And out of ten people you open up to, at least six are not worth it. But you will not get to know the other four if you do not remain open.

Risk being disappointed.

Openness is strength.

If you want others to trust you, you must first invest trust in others.

That is the deal.

And that means talking about you without filtering everything; admitting weaknesses; not pretending that everything is always great and perfect with you.

Try to answer really honestly the next time someone asks you „How are you?“ and not automatically say „Thanks, great, everything is perfect.

If you honestly admit how you are, there are three possibilities:

  1. Your conversation partner disappears at the first opportunity.
  2. Your conversation partner uses this information to gossip about you.
  3. You have a deep, honest and open conversation about the really important things in life.

Of course this only works if openness for you does not only mean that you overwhelm others with your private worries and problems.

It only works if you are not only the sender but also the receiver.

The art of dictyonomy is not only to be open yourself, but also to have a real, honest interest in your counterpart. Openness in this sense also means being able to listen, to be open to the problems of others.

Shared values hold human groups together.

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