Your network enterprise – relationship organisation, professionally run

netzwerke aufbauen

The supreme discipline. If you are really serious about building a network.

This third stage of the relationship network is no longer just a „silent“ group of allies you build alongside your job. In this stage, you become the founder of your own network organisation. You become the „godfather“, so to speak, and no longer run your network on the side, but professionally. Whatever you want to found or strengthen (a club, an association, a party, etc.): there is a lot to gain. A well-run, professionally coordinated group is the most stable system for asserting interests, for earning money with them and for having support in almost all situations in life.

A network company is characterised by a special feature: The network is no longer there to bind people to yourself or your own company, but to connect members in an organisation. In your network company you define the rules, the value system, the procedures, the affiliation, if necessary the prices of membership. You no longer maintain relationships quietly, but openly enter the „market“ of network organisations. Even if there is almost always an overriding goal: A golf club to play golf, a professional association to assert political interests or a cultural association to support a theatre – the bottom line is that this is always about coordinating people and trying to turn strangers into a powerful community that can better achieve your goals with the help of the network.

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