What is a good network?

networking academy

„Good“ is of course a very relative term. However, I assume that you are reading this book because you still have something planned in your life and therefore still want to make contacts with others. Therefore, it can be taken as a basis that in the end a goal must always be reached in order to be meaningful for you:

Strangers must become confidants. You must feel comfortable as a member.

So before you get involved in a network, you should carefully check whether the corresponding system knows how to successfully achieve this goal for you.

The 7 elements of a network that makes sense for your purposes

1. the mode of getting to know each other/the contact mediation

2. the way of dealing with guests

3. the content of the events

4. the duration of the events

5. the communication to the outside

6. internal communication / use of modern media

7. how to deal with each other / code of conduct

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