The 6 „degrees of formality“ in networks: Conclusion: first feel the soul

Professionell Netzwerken

Every network, whether „offline“ or „online“, whether professional or private, has a certain culture, its own soul. This means not only well-rehearsed methods of doing things, but also how people interact with each other, what kind of atmosphere prevails, what values apply, what information is disseminated and how, etc.

If you want to successfully build new relationship networks, you have to look at the network culture as a whole and develop a precise idea of what people this network wants to connect, what you expect yourself and what the culture is within the network.

Whether you just want to be a member of an association or build your own group around you: Think carefully about what soul the respective network must have so that you feel happy in it.

It is not so important what the dress code is, whether you bow when greeting people and whether you meet the members of your network in the sauna or in an embassy. What is much more important is what you don’t see right away. Because this „invisible“ force makes the difference. Only when this soul of the respective virtual village matches your own aspirations and attitude to life is it the right village for you.

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