Presentation on three levels. Level 3: Wisdom

Setzen Sie auf Weisheiten in Ihrem Netzwerk.

The highest level of professional self-presentation dispenses entirely with presenting oneself. Those who master this level also master the social network. Everyone will fondly remember the above-mentioned PC professional and regularly seek conversation with him when he does not talk about computers at all, but engages us in stimulating conversations about the increasing dependence of modern people on technical devices, or how society will change in the coming decades as a result of rapid technical development.

The most elegant way to present oneself is not to present oneself at all, but to be so well versed in one’s field that one can elegantly „weave“ it into almost any conversation and thus be perceived as an interesting, inspiring and competent interlocutor. When one has reached this stage, one no longer has to present oneself. One will be presented by others. The 3rd stage is the art of always talking about what personally concerns, interests and moves the respective interlocutor and thereby, almost imperceptibly, letting „one’s own“ subject flow in.

Of course, this is easier if you are a doctor or a lawyer than if you represent a sanitary tile company. But the basic principle always remains the same: don’t talk about yourself, but about things that interest your counterpart. Then he will remember you when he wants to renovate his bathroom.

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