Instruction manual for successful networking: Connect others – every day

networking connects people

The simplest basic rule to build a resilient network around yourself is to introduce people around you to each other. The more people you network with, the stronger the network around you. However, this networking is not work at all, it is just continuous attention. Most people have lost or never had this attention. Yet it is quite simple:

„when you meet someone, always think about who could be interesting for him:

  • who could inspire him,
  • who could help him in his personal or professional life,
  • who could introduce him to interesting contacts?

If you practise this mental game every day, you will soon be able to find interesting „matches“, i.e. suitable partners, for almost every person you meet.

Talk openly to your counterpart, tell him/her about the people you want to introduce him/her to and ask if this networking is desired. If so, it will only cost you a small email to introduce the two to each other and thus connect them.

In my seminars, participants often fear that such networking can have negative consequences in the end: what if the people introduced don’t get along at all? What if a collaboration between the two goes wrong and in the end only negative things come out of the new relationship? Yes, life consists of permanent risks, and nothing is really certain. But as we have learned, security is a state in which energies have stopped flowing. You always take a risk when you introduce two people to each other. And sometimes it will certainly lead to negative results. But first of all, we are adults and your partners will not resent you if you give them the opportunity to meet new people. What becomes of it, what they make of it, is their own decision. You are not responsible for that. Secondly, we are all dependent on meeting new people. And many, are just too cowardly to make new connections. We should not belong to these cowardly people, but have the courage and the size to turn possible relationships into real ones.

Therefore, it is best to start thinking today about who should get to know whom in your environment.

Get into the habit of introducing at least ten people to each other during the week.

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