How do I tailor a network to me?

belastbares netzwerk

The way you cultivate your relationships and the form your networks take should follow your own personal life model. Under no circumstances let other people influence you in the design of your very personal village. Because in the end, you have to feel comfortable with your ties.

Follow three rules that will make it easier to build and maintain your very own personal network:

1. burden your friends

2. communicate your code

3. experience what

Burden your friends!

Talk about your goals, dreams, desires. Ask the people you trust what their goals, dreams, desires are. Talk about how you can help each other. Do not separate personal and professional. Dare to „rope in“ your friends and make allies out of your acquaintances. Try to cultivate „productive friendships“ in which people help each other beyond their shared leisure time.

Communicate your code!

Be open about what your values are. Let others know how you envision your relationships, what you want to receive and what you are willing to give. Communicate what you expect from your network. Dare to criticise your friends and partners if their behaviour does not match your values.

Experience something!

Spend less time at lukewarm events with shallow contacts. Look for experiences that really bond you and your partners. Don’t be afraid of extreme situations. Don’t be afraid to show your weaknesses. Experience things that are exciting and fun for you. Involve your network in them.

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