Why we organize ourselves in networks

In general, there are no less than 13 different wishes/goals and demands why people are drawn to the community of a group. As different as the people are, as different is their motivation for joining a network. In a representative survey which we carried out as part of the Dictyonomy project, the interviewed members rated these 13 reasons as follows (the respondents chose the 3 most important reasons for them)

1. trust (67%)

2. security (0%)

3. community of values (52%)

4. self-development (28%)

5. feeling of strength (15%)

6. social recognition (16%)

7. professional advantages (49%)

8. cooperation (72%)

9. leisure enrichment (0%)

10. reliable service providers and partners (43%)

11. exchange and inspiration (64%)

12. love, friendship, sex (0%)

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