Step by step to becoming a Profinetworker – Step 1: Know who should belong

Step by Step zum Profinetworker – Step 1: Wissen, wer dazu gehören soll

As just described, this is the most important of all questions: Who is actually a member of your virtual village, your tribe, who do you want to have closer contact with for the rest of your life? Who fits into your personal network, who is helpful, who is inspiring? Make yourself a list with three categories:

A. Your Inner Circle:

Those who are already part of your personal network (so which are the relationships that are already resilient, for example friends, trusted colleagues, partners).

B. Your Relationship Pool:

Those who tend to be part of it, but with whom there is still rather loose contact (people by whom you are valued and who would help you if they had more contact with them, for example business partners, casual acquaintances).

C. Your desired contacts:

Not yet included but should be (people they would like to have more contact with, e.g. celebrities, leaders or even artists and people with future potential).

Your goal must be to have all the names in category „A“ at the end. You have three lists at the beginning, your goal is to have one list where all the names are close associates – your personal tribe, your virtual village community. Until then, of course, you have to cultivate or build up the different levels of relationships differently: on the one hand, get to know the people you don’t yet know so well better; on the other hand, actively use your „inner circle“.

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