Smart networking

Inside the network

Write down all your contacts and relationships in a list and then „classify“ them accordingly. By:

  1. Outer circles (contacts): with these people there may be a slight basic trust. But we would neither lend money to these people nor let them stay in our flat.
  2. Middle circles (loose relationships): We already trust these people a little more, we would perhaps lend them our car, go partying with them and help them move.
  3. Inner circles (close relationships): These people may stay overnight with us, we would trust them a lot and do a lot for them. In this circle is the centre of our social life.
  4. The centre: There is deep trust here. Here is our power base.

It is important that you think about every person you would call a relationship or contact:

  1. Which of my „trust circles“ is this person in?
  2. Do I want him to be exactly there? Or would I like to see him/her in another circle?

You will find that there are some people you would like to have „closer“ to you. Here you can see the potential of your future networking.

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