More focus on the result: Godmother’s Brain

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In the end, it’s the result that counts. If women would focus more on what goal they actually want to achieve, they would also achieve it faster and more directly. Less complaining and discussion (What is the goal of the long discussion about the impossible colleague?), more strategy and goal-oriented action (What do I want and how do I get it?)
Like in the film „The Godfather“: Marlon Brando and Al Pachino should be your role models. Not in what they do. But in how they do it.

These emotions drive them: greed, envy, hatred. Reason is how they achieve their goals: Consistency, planning, calmness, goal orientation and – some grandeur. „Women are less likely to explicitly express their desires and ideas, but rather wait for something to be brought to them. (Dr. Ulrike Hantschel, Managing Director Deutsche Wohnen AG until 2019). If you want to lead people (and you have to want to do that if you want to achieve something), you should never get bogged down with trivialities and should work consistently towards your goals.

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