Long-term, mutual support

Nobody makes it to the top alone. Women can be feminine, gentle and a real woman, at the same time decisive and take on leadership positions in business if they have real allies around them. Because within your own network you can be as empathetic and gentle as you want. You then have your own pack of lionesses who cuddle with each other but are quite dangerous outside.

If you act like this, then you can remain a real woman without exposing yourself, be emotional and give yourself as „feminine“ as you want to. If people know that you have a powerful network, no one will underestimate you, no one will try to bite you off or criticise you because you are supposedly „too soft“. So it’s about real allies, not just fair-weather friends or private girlfriend cliques.

A tribe, a network, a wagon train that is strong on the outside, can act very „masculine“ as an organisation and remains soft and caring on the inside. It’s important that you don’t misunderstand this: such groups are not about friendship, but about long-term, mutual support. You don’t have to build up an extended circle of friends, but invite people in your (professional) environment to support you so that you support them. Like in the prison films.

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