How many networks should I join?


Our society today is an information society built on well-functioning networks, without which it could not exist. All sectors, whether business, science, culture or other, are based on globally networked systems.

The logical conclusion is that people who understand the principles and workings of networks, and who are themselves well networked, also live best adapted to the modern environment. Optimal adaptation to the environment is the best guarantee for survival on this planet and a halfway happy existence in this society.

Those who are networked can live according to their wishes, enjoy a lot of freedom and guarantee the greatest possible security for themselves and their families. Just like once in a cave. But what does networking mean? Should you randomly join all the associations you encounter on your way? Should one create a personal collection of memberships in skat clubs, bowling clubs, jogging groups and self-awareness groups? The answer is: No! Intelligent networking should always be based on a prior analysis of personal needs. First of all, you have to know what you want, who you are and, above all, what you don’t want. In addition, a reasonably good overview of the available networks makes the decision easier.

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