... und was hat Dictyonomie damit zu tun?


In the past, networking was an art that only powerful merchants, nobles and the clergy cultivated. Today networking is part of everyday life in every elementary school. But between Facebook and freemasons, there is a middle way. The majority of us want neither superficial online contacts nor secret lodges. What we are looking for is an elegant way to expand and better use our personal networks of relationships.

Dictyonomy (gr. „to dictyo“ = The Net) is a new discipline that for the first time brings together all knowledge about networks, contact and relationship building and teaches a European counter-model to the hectic US-American networking.

» Forget small talk. Good networking is building a system of good connections. «

– Alexander Wolf

European-style networks with new methods

„Networking“ is an English term that has nothing to do with the European culture of relationship management – Alexander Wolf has found this out in years of dealing with ambassadors in Berlin, the experts in effective network building. Reason enough to establish a new science, a new institute, even a completely new modern attitude towards networking, which brings us back to our roots: Dictyonomy – The Art of Networking.

Do you still have plans, are there dreams you want to realize, ideas you want to realize, wishes you strive to fulfill?

If you don’t want to stand in the queue of life until it’s your turn, if you have extraordinary demands, if you prefer the fulfilling job, higher pay, a nicer place in a restaurant and better service at the doctor’s; if you expect more than standard and want to create a life for yourself and your loved ones that is above the average: Then you should cultivate and refine your art of networking, relationship management, the discipline of dictyonomy. Because only with good relationships do you get things that not everyone can get.

European-style networks with new methods

If you want to know exactly what networking is, want to learn the art of dictyonomy: The lessons in the networking video will introduce you to the world of dictyonomics, the art of networking. You will learn new things and rediscover the familiar. Most importantly, you will find that you already have everything you need.

You already have the tools to achieve everything you have in mind with the help of your personal network of resilient contacts. You just need to practice how to use these tools more efficiently.

Wertebasiertes Networking

Dicytonomy uses new methods to teach networking based on European values. You simply have to keep two points in mind: Maintain regular contact with the (potential) members of our network and clearly represent clear values. If we want to build a network of resilient relationships around us, we should make it clear to others what we stand for. The more clearly our environment knows what values we represent, what „lifestyle“ we propagate, what goals we have, the more likely you are to build resilient relationships with others, simply because people are always looking for orientation and like to interact with others who are self-oriented (Of course, this only applies if your values are not so abnormal that others feel repelled.

This, by the way, also explains why the loud, stupid braggarts in school always pull larger cliques behind them than the intelligent, character-strong but modestly quiet students. People prefer to „stick“ themselves to someone they can clearly judge. This is why Italy is so successful in its self-marketing and can be considered a „love mark“: Everyone knows immediately what they associate with Italian products, everyone immediately understands the simple values: good food, beautiful women, good clothes, fast cars, self-esteem above the normal level and that is communicated clearly and loudly. Do it like Italy, the dictyonomy helps you do it.

„Most people think that networking is the hectic gathering of as many contacts as possible. This is about quality, not quantity. It’s about your values and your personality, not your suit. Modern networking is value-based.“

– Alexander Wolf

Why Networking?

In general, those who are better networked are better able to implement their ideas and wishes. What distinguishes successful, well-connected people from others is usually only the systematic application of their natural talents and experience in so-called „networking“. Those who coordinate with others simply achieve more in less time.


Whether you are a student, salesperson or entrepreneur, it does not matter. The art of making contacts and building resilient relationships from them is something we were born with. We are all natural networkers. Your motivation to create your own network of resilient relationships is crucial.

The best networking books

From the 60-minute Networking Essence to the Networking Bible: well-founded dictyonomy knowledge, conveyed in an entertaining way.

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