Truly resilient relationships are built on mutual respect.

Beziehungen aufbauen

It is very important that people in your network show you respect. They need to know how valuable your time and attention are and that it is a great gift when you give them both. That’s why you need to make the deal clear from the start. Or, to put it less harshly: You have […]

How a contact becomes a relationship

A contact is not (yet) a relationship. The value and depth of a relationship is only ever recognised in times of crisis, the resilience of a bond is only ever revealed in times of stress. Imagine your city is hit by a catastrophe, everything is on the move. How quickly would you manage to get […]

What are contacts?


The number of personal contacts is a measure of social status. Many pride themselves on having thousands of contacts (or ‘friends’) on online networks. Collecting business cards has become a discipline in its own right, often confusing the quantity of people connected to someone with the quality of their relationships. This supposedly “personal network” of […]

Why are the Germans such club people?

netzwerke verstehen

Those who live in Germany learn every day (whether voluntarily or not) how to achieve more together. Germany is the world’s largest training camp for networking. It is all the more astonishing that the supposedly new culture of business clubs and professional contact networks, be they “offline” or “online”, is perceived and marketed as an […]

What is the basic requirement for networking?

weltweite Netzwerke

The supposedly new discipline of “networking”, i.e. the professional, professional cultivation of relationships, is not new at all. The culture of meeting, coordinating and systematically cultivating contacts was pronounced in all forms in Europe long before the first professional clubs and social networks emerged in Great Britain or the USA. One of the reasons why […]

Women form circles, men triangles

If one were to depict the difference between women’s and men’s networks in a graph, one should take a circle for the female network and a triangle for the male network. Of course, this is a completely simplified representation, but it shows the tendential variations in the way men and women behave in networks. Male […]

The networking of the future

We can already see the change in the networking landscape that heralds the new era. The more networked our world becomes, the more demanding the “networked” become. We used to feel connected to someone when we received a card from them once a year, at Christmas or from holidays. Today we are already offended if […]

How many networks should I join?


Our society today is an information society built on well-functioning networks, without which it could not exist. All sectors, whether business, science, culture or other, are based on globally networked systems. The logical conclusion is that people who understand the principles and workings of networks, and who are themselves well networked, also live best adapted […]

Why is networking no longer as self-evident today as it used to be?


In today’s world it is much more difficult to understand that, just like back then in the hunt for mammoths, you are still more successful as a group. Our supposed individualism deceives us about the fact that we are part of a large, very networked community anyway and could not survive one day without this group.

How do you do that: how do you cultivate relationships?


Simply put: A relationship is a contact with a deep basis of trust. Only these kinds of contacts will inspire, enjoy and help us in our lives. But how do you make sure that a loose contact turns into a relationship and that a relationship turns into a deep, “reliable” relationship, from which we can […]