How do I tailor a network to me?

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The way you cultivate your relationships and the form your networks take should follow your own personal life model. Under no circumstances let other people influence you in the design of your very personal village. Because in the end, you have to feel comfortable with your ties. Follow three rules that will make it easier […]

Long-term, mutual support

Nobody makes it to the top alone. Women can be feminine, gentle and a real woman, at the same time decisive and take on leadership positions in business if they have real allies around them. Because within your own network you can be as empathetic and gentle as you want. You then have your own […]

Your network enterprise – relationship organisation, professionally run

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The supreme discipline. If you are really serious about building a network. This third stage of the relationship network is no longer just a “silent” group of allies you build alongside your job. In this stage, you become the founder of your own network organisation. You become the “godfather”, so to speak, and no longer […]

Your professional network – trusted partners – friends of the company


Your company network is the customers, partners and other people (or organisations) with whom your company, or you as a functionary of your company, regularly deal. Most companies pay far too little attention to this network, even though it is extremely important. In recent years, which have seen a significant inflation of advertising and PR, […]

The three levels of professional networks

If you want to systematically build and maintain your network, you should know which levels you are on and which dimensions your personal “community” should have. The three levels of professional networks: 1. your very personal lobby 2. your professional network 3. your network company Your very personal lobby – Circle of Friends Plus Whether […]

A business partner and friend

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In Hanseatic times, people called their network “Vrunde” (friends), which included friends, family and even business partners. The “Vrunde” were the circle within which trust prevailed and people helped each other with everything. So people today who want more than the small piece of the pie in their lives and who have an unconventional concept […]

A circle of friends is not yet a lobby

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Fixed organisational structures and procedures A private circle of friends is self-organising and not hierarchically structured. Of course, there are always the particularly active ones who represent a kind of node in the clique; of course, there are always “alpha animals” and “followers” in circles of friends. But in the end, everything in this structure […]

Is a functioning circle of friends already a resilient network?

Is it enough to ask the people you know for help from time to time and to offer this help? Then you can save yourself the stress of systematic contact management with all the events and memberships. Or is that not the case? What is the difference between a good circle of friends and a […]

How important is personal contact?

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Here, too, we can learn from several hundred years of diplomacy: the first association that comes to most people’s minds when they hear the word “diplomat” are the many receptions, concerts, exhibitions and other events. One always imagines the typical diplomat with a glass of champagne in conversation. What at first glance looks like unnecessary […]

How much time does a relationship need?


The good news from this insight: you don’t have to waste hours of your life on boring lectures and hunting for business cards. That doesn’t help anyway. If you want to build a network of resilient relationships, all you have to do is meet the same people regularly in the smallest possible circles in the […]